Planter Pola2/Pola4

Automatic planters for potatoes S-211 and S-211/1 merge advantages of complicated western machines and simplicity performance and service. They’re characterized by very high productivity and reliability. They provide high precision of planting. They’ve got adjustment for plant spacing, depth and density of planting ability to change decreasing inserts and increasing ones. 

  Planter S-211 Planter S-211/1
Weight 300 kgs 400 kgs
Length 1,60 m 3,20 m
Width 1,80 m 1,80 m
Height 1,20 m 1,20 m
Plant spacing 62,5-75 cm or 75-90 cm 62,5-75 cm or 75-90 cm
Plant depth 5-12 cm 5-12 cm
Plant density 15 (from 17 to 40 cm) 15 (from 17 to 40 cm)
Container capacity 500 kgs 1000 kgs