Sweeping machine

Sweeping machine can be hanged on a tractor (SKM) or on a fork lift truck (GSKM). Built on a steel frame. It’s driven by hydraulic motor, which is driven by tractor or a lift truck hydraulic system. Ability of adjusting brushes by variety angles to driving direction. Equipped with rubbish container. Brush diameter counts 520mm. Brusher SKM is equipped with two supporting rubber wheels ( fi 200mm) and GSKM – one wheel – 260 mm.

Model SKM 1500 SKM 1750 SKM 2000 SKM 2250 GSKM 1500 GSKM 1750 GSKM 2000 GSKM 2250
Width 1500 1750 2000 2250 1500 1750 2000 2250
Weight 230kgs 250kgs 270kgs 300kgs 250kgs 300kgs 350kgs 400kgs