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Funded by the European Union


We invite you to explore our projects funded by the European Union. We showcase innovative initiatives that support the development of our company.

Each project we undertake aims to enhance the quality of our services and contributes to achieving our development goals. With financial support from the European Union, we can implement innovative solutions that bring benefits both to our company and the communities in which we operate.

Here, you will find descriptions of our projects, the goals we aim to achieve, and the results we have already accomplished. Each project represents our contribution to development, continuous improvement and building a better future.


Increasing Energy Efficiency of the Painting Hall at
Remprodex Sp. z o. o.

Tasks and activities to be carried out within the project:
The project involves the thermal modernization of the painting hall at Remprodex. The thermal modernization
includes the following actions:
1. Replacement of the partition wall adjacent to the assembly hall
2. Replacement of the strip curtain above the partition wall adjacent to the assembly hall
3. Replacement of the internal gate in the wall adjacent to building PW1
4. Installation of an air curtain in the entrance gate
5. Installation of an additional high-speed entrance gate
6. Replacement of the air exchange heat exchanger for the painting hall
7. Construction of photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 50 kW on the roof of the painting hall

Target groups: The project will bring benefits both to Remprodex by improving its competitiveness through
reduced operating costs and to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, improving working
conditions in the painting hall will contribute to increased comfort for employees.

Project Objective: The project aims to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by
implementing modern technological solutions in the painting hall. This will contribute to the sustainable
development of the company and the protection of the natural environment.
Given the energy-intensive nature of the painting process, optimizing the consumption of gases and energy in
the painting hall is crucial for achieving the desired primary energy savings.
The recommended thermal modernization work includes increasing the insulation of the building walls
(painting hall), which will reduce heat losses through penetration, along with the replacement of the heat
exchanger and the installation of 50 kW photovoltaic panels on the roof of the painting hall.

Project Effects and Results:
• Reduction in electricity and thermal energy consumption in the painting hall.
• Reduction in CO2 emissions.
• Increased efficiency of ventilation systems.
• Improvement of working conditions for employees.
• Operational savings for the company.

Project Value: 763 940,00 PLN
Financial Support from European Funds: 406 622,00 PLN