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(+48) 59 83 42 288


Człuchów, Poland

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What motivates us?

Our mission

We deliver high-quality steel products using an innovative approach and modern technologies.

Continuously refining our products and services, we provide solutions that meet the highest standards, always guided by the satisfaction of our customers.

What inspires us?

Our vision

We focus on enhancing the quality, innovation, and precision that define our products.

We aim to solidify our position in the market through continuous improvement of production processes and delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.

The motto ‘quality from steel’ forms the foundation of our future.

Remprodex - quality from steel

Why choose our company?

Experience: We are an experienced container manufacturer, operating successfully for many years.
Customization to needs: Every customer has different expectations. That's why we offer customization of our containers to individual needs.
Ecology: As a waste management company, we care for the environment. Our containers are eco-friendly.
Professionalism: We guarantee professional service, punctuality, and full commitment to every project.

Learn more about our waste and transport containers – contact us today. With us, efficient waste management and logistics become simpler and more effective!

Welcome to Remprodex – Your partner in the production of high-quality containers.

The company "Remprodex" was established in 1988 and originated from the State Machinery Center, which had been operating in the market since 1952.

The company consists of three main production halls with a total area of 9000 m2, located on 4 hectares near the bypass of Człuchów. The production halls are equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 8000 kg. The company employs approximately 200 people, including 30-40 certified welders, resulting in a production capacity of up to 600 tons per month.

Our clients

Remprodex - quality from steel

Plant certificates

Implementation and Certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System - July 2, 2007
The benefits of the Quality Management System certificate include improving the company's image, rapid response to market changes, enhancing internal communication within the organization, increasing employee engagement in company activities, and preventing errors.
Certification of Factory Production Control according to EN 1090 - July 7, 2014
The PN-EN 1090-1 certificate is evidence that the processes within the company comply with international standards. Evaluation and certification of the welding process management system and quality management in accordance with the PN-EN 1090 standard bring many tangible benefits. Among the most important advantages are: qualifying the company as a supplier of steel and aluminum structures in the domestic and European markets, affixing the CE mark on the product (welded construction), increasing the efficiency of welding processes, avoiding penalties for the lack of Factory Production Control (FPC), avoiding problems in the event of failure or construction disaster, reducing the costs of welding processes, higher product quality, increased competitiveness of the company in the market, and building trust among customers, suppliers, and employees in the procedures and materials used.
ISO 3834 System Certificate – July 7, 2014
Benefits - The ISO 3834 system certificate is a high-level document confirming high standards within the company. Obtaining the certificate also brings several benefits to the organization: the opportunity to participate in profitable tenders and collaborate with major contractors, increased efficiency of welding processes, reduction of welding process costs, decrease in non-conformities, higher product quality, greater competitiveness of the company in the market, and increased trust among customers, suppliers, and employees in the procedures and materials used.

In our machines, we only use products from reputable suppliers:

Our products are shipped all over the world

The beginning

The State Machinery Center, commonly known as POM, is established.


Transformation into Remprodex

The transformation of POM into a limited liability company, Remprodex



We commence the production of the first offshore containers, following the DNV 2.7-1 standard.



Implementation and certification of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Powder coating facility

Launch of the powder coating facility. The project is co-financed by the European Union funds.


New hall

We are expanding our main production hall.



Certification of Factory Production Control according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 System Certificate.



We are installing the first photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our halls to join the green revolution.


Increasing the energy efficiency of the company's painting hall.

Project co-financed by the European Union.


70 years

Proudly continuing over 70 years of history.