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Training on XM Device for Multicomponent Material Spray Application

We take pride in our commitment to continuously enhance the quality of our services through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. In line with this, we have invited our employees to attend a special training session on operating the XM 70 device for spraying multi-component materials.

Throughout the course, our specialists acquired knowledge and skills in the operation and utilization of state-of-the-art painting tools. Thanks to this training, we strive to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, enabling us to provide our clients with services at the highest level.

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Order our M616 sorter today!

We are honored to share with you the information about our proven and reliable M616 sorter, which has already been used by over 3500 satisfied users! If you haven’t had the opportunity to try our M616 sorter yet, now is the perfect moment! Join the ranks of

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Spring is coming!

We’re excited to announce that at Remprodex, we are actively gearing up for the upcoming agricultural season! Our team is working tirelessly to deliver efficient agricultural machinery that meets the highest standards to our customers. Stay tuned for new updates to stay informed!

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Christmas wishes from Remprodex!

Have a special Christmas and thank you for your cooperation so far, so that the New Year 2024 will fulfill the hopes associated with it, and you will be able to successfully implement your plans and intentions, and there will be health and happiness in your family

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