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UFO – Ridger

Cultivator is used for forming ridges on light and medium compacted soils.


Using a cultivator brings the following benefits:

– A ridge with a trapezoidal or bulging uniform profile is formed, which positively affects potato harvesting, facilitates the breakdown of clods, and spraying.
– The shape of the ridge reduces the amount of green potatoes and promotes an increase in tuber quantity.
– The ridge is compacted and smoothed, thus resistant to erosion by heavy rain.


Machine description:

– Strong construction enables operation at high speed.
– Adjustable front loosening tines.
– Forming body on a flat spring.
– Adjustable shape (width) of ridges.
– Adjustable pressure force and tilt of the forming device.
– Rainwater trenching cultivators.
– Removable top pressing plates.
– Adjustable row spacing – RR version.


The standard offer includes six types of cultivators – two-row and four-row.

– RS type – old rear (standard row spacing 75cm)
– RR type – adjustable (row spacing 70 or 75cm)
– RN type – new rear (standard row spacing 75cm)


Technical specifications:

Ridge spacing75CM70; 75CM75CM75CM70; 75CM75CM
Number of rows222444
Power requirement35kW35kW35kW70kW70kW70kW

Optionally, upon customer request:

– Extended stainless steel skids, also known as “speedbleche”
– Different ridge spacing within the range of 67.5-90cm

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